Electronic Control Units & Software

End users are demanding more from their equipment. They want machines that can intelligently sense and dynamically respond to conditions as they change – automating critical decision-making in order to achieve better safety, performance and productivity. Machines that interact, adapt and learn aren’t a vision for tomorrow; they’re a requirement for today. And no other company can help you deliver on customer demand for more responsive, dynamic machine control like Eaton.

Introducing a smarter way to design, engineer and build smarter machines.

Featuring easy-to-use software and a robust library of pre-programmed development tools, Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform streamlines application development and simplifies hardware setup, empowering you to build safer, smarter machines more quickly and efficiently. Unlike proprietary systems that handcuff you to a single supplier, Pro-FX is an open platform that uses industry-standard languages and protocols, giving you greater flexibility and enabling you to integrate components and sub-systems faster and easier.

Experience a smarter machine control solution that delivers game-changing benefits. Experience the Pro-FX Technology Platform.